BoarMasters Super Sacks 6 piece kit Deer/Antelope


BoarMasters Super Sacks 6 piece kit Deer/Antelope

$ 59.99 $ 49.99

BoarMasters Super Sacks

6 pack ultralight game bag set

quarter bags

Breathable high performance fabric built to last

Machine Washable

weighs- 25oz

includes carry bag


BoarMasters Super Sacks Game bag kit

Deer/Antelope Game Bag Kit

6 pk Ultralight Game Bags

includes: 4 bags size 44″ x 24″

and two bags 30″x 28′

Breathable ultralight fabric designed for repetitive use and strength.

Strong Nylon cord with spring coupler for hanging and keeping out flies

Superior Funtion over cotton, cheescloth and canvas materials.

Machine Washable and comes with the Same BoarMasters guarantee and all of our products.


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