Our wild boar hunting products, attractants and wild boar baits are perfect for hunting or trapping wild boar. They do not contain salt; they are concentrated and carry a powerful smell to bring the trophy boar in for the kill. Our wild boar attractants: Russian Mix, Nitro, and Sour Mash Xcel are top quality and continue to draw the smartest wild boar into bow range or into the trap! Available in our 4oz packages or 1lb bulk packs.

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Boarmasters Nitro Xcel Hog Bait and Attractant


A super sweet blend of concentrated flavors that drives the wild boar crazy! This is a sticky sweet ultra fine powder that can be used by itself or used to sweeten and flavor up to 250lbs of feed or dry corn. It has a powerful scent that will bring them out of the bottoms and thickets. This is not recomended for feeders, it will get sticky in warm weather. Perfect for traps and bait holes. Available in our 4oz packages or 1lb bulk packs.  So Strong and sweet; it’s the only name that would do it justice!


sour mashCreates an irresistible pile of Sour Mash. A  super sweet blend of a complex variety of concentrated flavors that also work just like the Nitro but has ingredients thats cause it to ferment quicker.  Turn a pile of corn of feed into an instant SOUR MASH! You can use it alone or add it to your current feed as well. Don’t recommend to use in feeders as it will get sticky as well. Use in a bait barrel or feed hole. Mix with feed or dry corn, you can use water to soak it in to speed up the process if needed.



boarmasters russian mix boar and hog attractantDeveloped and tested on our 5,000 acres to mask the bitter taste of added vitamins and minerals. Not only did it perform it’s purpose; we noticed a 50% increase in daytime feedings. 4oz will sweeten and flavor 250lbs of feed or corn and it’s offered in 3 great flavors that the boar love: Persimmon Ice Cream, Peanut butter cookie dough, and Blackberry molasses. Available in our 4oz packages or 1lb bulk packs. Just let us know what flavors you want in the shipping instuctions or use the online shopping cart to order.





hog urine100% Sow in Heat and Dominant Boar hog urine. It is not watered down, there are no chemicals and no additives.  Our hog urine is a favorite among many including, trappers, hunters, government agencies, hog removal companies, hog doggers, and more.   The BoarMasters hog urine has also been used for research and studies of the elusive and rapidly growing hog population.    BoarMasters supplies hog urine to a majority of the nations hog urine and manufacturing companies for many purposes.  We offer the highest quality and freshest hog urine on the market.

4oz bottles of Sow in heat or Pure Dominant Boar

Simply add a little urine to a few cotton balls or scent wicks, traps….etc  around your baits and hunting or calling areas. 15-20 drops per wick is plenty each time you enter the area. Works as a great cover scent, creating drags and more.  DO NOT APPLY TO YOURSELF, CLOTHING, HUNTING PARTNER, OR YOUR EQUIPMENT!

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Boarmasters Hog Neck SnareTheses snares are 84+ inch sure lock snares made of 1/8 7×7 snare cable. These are quality fast snares that will hold hogs or pigs especially if their set right. A sheet of directions is included with every order explaining a typical hog set. We also have five foot extensions. Deer stops added per request. You can order our snares by the each or the dozen. The price is adjusted when you make the selection. Our snares are the #1 selling Hog snares. Not just any snare will work for hogs, We have been building this hog snare for 10 years and and have perfected it. If you need a snare specially built please let us know. We can do different lengths, sizes and styles according to your specs if needed in a certain situation and still provide you will a quality snare that will work. BoarMasters HOG NECK SNARES are MADE IN THE USA by Professional Hunters and Trappers. You won’t find a better Neck snare.  5 foot snare extensions also available.  Click button below.

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