Scouting and Tracking Hogs

Boar track in MudWild Boar and Feral Hog hunting begins with scouting and tracking. Don’t hunt hogs in areas that have not had recent activity. Look for fresh heavy sign. Oak bottoms and creek beds are the best place to start. Look for fresh heavy rooting and fresh tracks.

Fresh and old rooting in the same area indicate a hot spot. This would be a great place to start hunting or baiting feral hogs.

Look for major trails “highways,” and minor trails “driveways.” Learn more about this here.

hog rub on treeRubs are a great way to determine how often boar are visiting an area. they like to wallow in mud holes to cool themselves and try to drive off the blow flies and other insects. They have dry skin and will use trees to scratch themselves. This is known as a rub. There are different kinds of rubs, from occasional to permanent. an occasional rub is pictured below. This was just used to relieve an itch, but it does show how high the boar’s back was. a permanent rub is one that is used over and over, mainly near a good wallow.

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