Hunting Elk

Bull Elk and Cow ElkWelcome to our elk hunting tips archive, the largest collection of tips on hunting elk. If you’re an elk hunter and want to submit your own elk hunting tip please use our contact us form. We recommend that you also read our  elk shot placement guide if you’re a novice elk hunter. We also have a ton of elk hunting videos that you can watch and use to further educate yourself on hunting elk.

One of the smartest things you could do before you go on an actual elk hunt is to learn more about elk. By knowing a few simple things about elk, like diet and habitat preferences, it can help give you an edge. Very few hunters actually spend the time to educate themselves on the species of animal they are hunting. Most professional and successful hunters spend hours upon hours of researching studying their prey.   Feel free to browse through our elk tips and tactics as we teach you all we know about hunting elk, proper use of attractants, calling elk, and more.