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So you want to snare a Boar

Learn from one of the Masters and get your snares right here!

By Andy Williams

A few things to consider before your start:

Andy williams Boarmasters team member with hogsIs it legal? Some states do not allow the use of snares. Some states that do allow snares might have restrictions on snare construction, i.e. deer stops, breakaway devices (BAD’s) etc. Some states have setting restrictions: maximum loop size, height of loop from the ground, no entanglement situations, etc. I have heard of some states allowing the use of nuisance hogs by permit only, but I have not verified that by fact. So, check your state’s regulations! If your state requires 225lb BAD’s, you can forget snaring any decent size hogs and if your state has a maximum loop size of 12″ or a maximum height of 16″ you can count out the big boar as well.

* IMO deer stops should be used if deer are present, even if they are not required!

* PETS: Do not set snares where there is even the remotest chance that someones hunting dog or pet might be snared. This is one of the reasons that some states have lost there snaring/or trapping priveleges all together.



Boarmasters Hog Foot SnareThe BoarMasters Hog foot snare incorporates a spring/trigger assembly which fires a loop up and around the animal’s leg. This does not harm the animal. Includes: instructions, Fremont spring, extension cable, snare, and a 6 mm Stainless Steel Swivel. Once caught the spring becomes unattached from the cable so the spring does not get damaged. The BoarMasters FOOT SNARE is MADE in the USA by professional Hog Hunters and Trappers. You won’t find a better foot snare.   Replacement Hog Foot Snares also available.  Click button below


Boarmasters Hog Neck SnareTheses snares are 84+ inch cam lock snares made of 1/8 7×7 snare cable. These are quality fast snares that will hold hogs or pigs especially if their set right. A sheet of directions is included with every order explaining a typical hog set. We also have five foot extensions.  Floating deer stops included with each dozen.  Simply clamp them down if you want them or leave them loose if you dont.  You can order our snares by the each or the dozen. The price is adjusted when you make the selection. Our snares are the #1 selling Hog snares. Not just any snare will work for hogs, We have been building this hog snare for 10 years and and have perfected it. If you need a snare specially built please let us know. We can do different lengths, sizes and styles according to your specs if needed in a certain situation and still provide you will a quality snare that will work. BoarMasters HOG NECK SNARES are MADE IN THE USA by Professional Hunters and Trappers. You won’t find a better Neck snare.  5 foot snare extensions, dyed black, and our heavy hitter 3/16″ thick cable also available! Specify at checkout  Click button below.


Setting the snare for success

Boar In Boarmasters Neck SnareI like to set in well traveled trails the hogs use to go from one feed station to another. By feed stations I’m talking about corn feeders, which is legal in Texas. That’s about as good as it gets because the hogs will travel the same trails as long as there is feed available. They usually travel these trails at a fairly fast pace which ups the odds of a good hookup.

* Do not bait the trail; this will slow them down and keep thier nose to the ground and you don’t want that when your snaring.

To hold the snare I use a 40″ piece of 1/2″ rebar with a 3″ piece welded to the top to make a “T” stake. I wrap a few coils of #9 wire around the stake and “T” leaving 5-6″ extra. I push the stake firmly into he ground at an angle at the edge of the trail in a pinch point preferably next to the tree I am going to anchor too. I like to use a large loop of 20″ or more since I’m usually after the larger hogs leaving the bottom about 8″ from the ground. The lock should be positioned at 11 or 1 o’ clock so the smaller pigs can go under without firing the snare.

There is no snare available that can guarantee a live catch on a hog. A live catch snare has a device (stop) that allows the snare loop to close to a predetermined size. Hogs come in all sizes, so trying to determine a closure loop size that would work on all hogs would be impossible. With that said, hogs can be successfully live snared.

* Mortality

The cable/lock combiation has a lot to do with the mortality rate. With the lock/cable combination I use I have reduced the mortality rate to about 4%. The primary determining factor in mortality rate is temperature. When daytime temperature exceed 50 degrees the mortality rate increases dramatically. Wild boar / feral hogs are fierce fighters and will become overheated fast if temps are warm. I don’t set snares when daytime temps exceed 50 degrees unless it is an ADC job. Another factor in mortality rate is entanglement, a snared hog is like a Tasmanian Devil; if it can wrap around something it will. Entanglement can be minimized with proper/selective snare placement.

So you want to snare a Boar, learn from one of the Masters and get your snares right here!