Boarmasters Bear Bait Attractants

boarmasters bear-ly legal bear bait and attractantOur Bear Bait and Bear Attractants are second to none! Our Bear products are unique, they do not contain salt or roughage; just the pure products that give of an extemely strong scent that bears cant resist. More is not better; don’t over buy. If you are a bear guide I would suggest the 1lb package to start. You can use the contact us page to order in larger quanities after you have sampled our products. Our bear attractants: Russian Mix and Bear-Ly Legal are 100x’s sweeter than sugar and pack a powerful punch. A truck load of sweets won’t compare to the taste and flavor of our 1lb packages; they are equall to the sweetness of a ton of sugar. The bear, and bear hunters will love you for it! Learn More

Hog Bait and Attractants

boarmasters nitro xcel hog bait and attractantOur wild boar hunting products, attractants and wild boar baits are perfect for hunting or trapping wild boar. They do not contain salt; they are concentrated and carry a powerful smell to bring the trophy boar in for the kill. Our wild boar attractants: Russian Mix, Nitro, and Sour Mash Xcel are top quality and continue to draw the smartest wild boar into bow range or into the trap! Available in our 4oz packages or 1lb bulk packs. Learn More

Deer Bait and Attractants

boarmasters antler matrixOur deer attractants are very unique; they do not contain salt. We rely on our concentrated flavors, scents, and plant extracts to attract deer. All of our deer products and deer attractants are guide tested for two years before we release them for sale. Our TripleSweet deer attractant was found to be superior in all states tested! The concentrated flavors and powerful scents were the key in attracting more deer than all other brands tested! They are strong and carry a powerful odor that the deer love! Learn More

Boarmasters Snares

Boarmasters Hog Foot SnareThe BoarMasters Hog foot snare incorporates a spring/trigger assembly which fires a loop up and around the animal’s leg. This does not harm the animal. Includes: instructions, Fremont spring, extension cable, snare, and a 6 mm Stainless Steel Swivel. Once caught the spring becomes unattached from the cable so the spring does not get damaged. The BoarMasters FOOT SNARE is MADE in the USA by professional Hog Hunters and Trappers. Learn More

Boarmasters Liquid Scents And Urines

Boarmasters Bear Urine Attractant100% sow in heat urine. It is not watered down, there are no chemicals and no additives. This is a hog farm that captures the urine only when the sows are caught breeding in the pens. They put up to a dozen sows in a pen that are soley put there during an eye witnessed breeding cycle. This is when the urine is captured. After urine is captured they are segregated to another pen with their breeding boars to finish the breeding cycle. Learn More

Boarmasters Scent Can

Boarmasters Wildlife Attractants Scent CanThe BoarMasters Scent Can is used for burning the BoarMasters Candles. Hot scent will penetrate 500+ yards and works excellent when trying to attract wildlife! Hot scent is the most amazing technology when it comes to getting close to wildlife. Hot scent travels quicker and farther than any type of cold or liquid scent. It does not evaporate like urine scents, it sticks to the trees and the brush and it LASTS FOR HOURS! The Scent Can fits in your pocket and can be re-used time and time again. Its simple and it WORKS! I’ve been a hunter my whole life and have never seen anything that works like the Scent Can. At BoarMasters we only sell simple products that work! Learn More