BoarMasters Super Sacks 6 piece kit Elk/Moose/Caribou Kit


BoarMasters Super Sacks 6 piece kit Elk/Moose/Caribou Kit

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$ 59.99 $ 49.99

BoarMasters Super Sacks

6 pack ultralight game bag set

quarter bags

Breathable high performance fabric built to last

4-59″ x 28″

2-30″ x 28′

Machine Washable

weighs- 25oz

includes carry bag


BoarMasters Super Sacks Game bag kit

ELK/MOOSE Game Bag Kit

6 pk Ultralight Game Bags


4- 59″ x 30″ bags

2- 30″ x 28″ bags

Big enough to fit caribou as well.

Breathable ultralight fabric designed for repetitive use and strength.

Strong Nylon cord with spring coupler for hanging and keeping out flies

Superior Funtion over cotton, cheescloth and canvas materials.

Machine Washable and comes with the Same BoarMasters guarantee and all of our products.

3 reviews for BoarMasters Super Sacks 6 piece kit Elk/Moose/Caribou Kit

  1. Tom (verified owner)

    I can’t begin to describe how great these bags work! They are lightweight enough to pack them into your area and large enough to fit most big game animal quarters! I used mine on a large cow elk this year and the bags were big enough to fit two quarters per bag. (I wouldn’t recommend doing this unless it’s a last resort). I hung the bags from a tree by wrapping the bag itself around a branch and using the weight of the meat to keep it from slipping and then bags didn’t so much as stretch. These are some seriously tough bags and I love that they are machine washable. Thanks for a great product!

  2. Jason (verified owner)

    Going to have to change the description and add bison. I was able to use the super sacks on my brothers henry mountain bison hunt this last week. They are so light you don’t even have to second guess carrying them around all day hoping you get to use them. They were even big enough to fit the whole head and cape in one of the smaller bags. Washed them out when we got home and they look brand new. Guess I know what everybody is getting for Christmas. Thanks BoarMasters!

  3. Jim Vastbinder (verified owner)

    After 40 years of carrying heavy cotton bags that heavy and not that breathable, these bags are a giant leap forward. The whole set is lighter than one of my old quarter bags and much more breathable. 2 bags will hold a whole elk boned out but it is better to divide the meat into all 6 bags for better cooling and ease of handling. Excellent product and I am ordering 2 sets of the deer/antelope size today. Great product boarmasters, ThankYou!

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