Coyote Light Predator Hunting Rifle Light (The Original) 2017 model


Coyote Light Predator Hunting Rifle Light (The Original) 2017 model

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High Performace predator hunting light.  This light is built strong with an aluminum housing and non-reflective matte black finish.   MADE IN USA



Coyote Light Predator Hunting Light

High Performace predator hunting light.  This light is built strong with an aluminum housing and non-reflective matte black finish.   MADE IN USA

Coyote Light is an innovative hunting light developed by predator hunting enthusiast for predator hunting enthusiast. This remarkable hunting light features the highest performing red LED lighting technology in a sleek matte black design. Coyote Light is designed to easily mount or to be handheld. Coyote Light has extremely long lasting battery life and light weight.

-Scope Mountable (includes mount)

-Weight is 1.2 lbs

-Advanced LED Technology

-Aluminum Housing

-Adjustable Focus

-Variable Intensity

-65,000-Hour LED

made from 6061 aircraft grade machined aluminum.  Also Includes a low battery indicator light, extremely long battery life, and rugged built housing and components.

Available in Red,  Green, White, and IR



  • High performance lifetime solid state LED rated at 65,000 hours
  • Fully adjustable light intensity control.  On/off and 0  – 100% adjustable
  • Extreme battery life.  Over 25 hours run time under typical hunting conditions.  5.5hrs (red, green, infrared), 3hrs (white) hours on full intensity.
  • Limited Lifetime warranty on housing, 5 year warranty on electronics
  • Replaceable Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries.
  • Use as handheld, gun scope, or mono-pod mountable
  • Variable focus for adjusting spot to flood light
  • Built-in splash guard
  • Low battery indicator
  • Integrated Picatinny rail for mounting on a gun or scope.
  • Auxiliary jack for external dimmer when mounted to a mono-pod or gun
  • Light-up predators eyes at over 800 yards
  • Light weight and portable
  • Designed, Engineered, & Manufactured in the USA
  • Operating Temperature 14F(-10C) to 120F(50C)
  • Weight 1.2 lbs
  • Dimensions 8 1/2″ x 2 1/4″

Adjustable Focus

With CoyoteLights variable focus, the CoyoteLight can be adjusted to be a wide or tight light beam for the desired distance of each hunting landscape.

Extreme Battery Life

CoyoteLight has a unique patent pending integrated circuit which runs on built-in high performance lithium ion batteries.  The CoyoteLight will run over 5.5 hours on full power and over 48 hours at about 25% power.  It also has a low battery indicator light to let you know when it’s time to charge.

No more dead batteries during a set, external battery packs strapped to your waist, spare batteries, or backup light.  The CoyoteLight will run at your desired power and will not dim as the batteries are exhausted.


With the CoyoteLight you will see the reflection of eyes at ranges you have never seen before.  CoyoteLight has located predator’s eyes well over 800 yards, and has confirmed predator’s identities at over 500 yards combined with good optics.



CoyoteLight has the night predator hunters complete stealth in mind.  Successful hunters understand the importance of getting in and out of hunting locations unnoticed.   The CoyoteLight housing has a non-reflective matte finish, to keep you unnoticed, even on a bright night with a full moon.  The CoyoteLight housing also has a splash guard that extends past the lens to keep any extra light reflecting forward and off the hunter and gun barrel.

Additional information

Light Color

Red, Green, White, IR

1 review for Coyote Light Predator Hunting Rifle Light (The Original) 2017 model

  1. Jose Palacios

    I bought a Coyote Light 4 months ago. I bought it here at Boarmasters as their customer service is second to none.

    The Coyote Light is made in the USA. One of the best futures of the light is the no more buying and changing batteries as the charge will last pretty close the advertised 30 hours. The light runs at 100% intensity until it is drained and shuts off. Car charger is helpful if you need to charge it between sets (I have yet to use mine). I have lit both foxes and coyotes at 500-600 yards without any issue. The ability to concentrate the light beam and switch between spot light and flood light (or anywhere in between the two) with the twist of the cylinder is invaluable. Also, the multiple ways of mounting the light is one of the things that drove me to pick the Coyote Light over all others. Wether it is mounted on the hand held pistol grip, scope or on my rifles picatinny rails, changing from mount to mount is quick and painless. You can also mount it on a mono pod and with the twist of the wrist you can see 360 degrees. I ran into the Coyote Light booth at the 2016 SHOT show in Las Vegas and stopped to say hello. Great group of guys. Very polite and extremely interested in any feedback on how they could improve or make their product better for the user and on the field. Other than I wished it was a little lighter, I had none. Of course the reason for the little extra weight is the long lasting battery and super tough casing. Given the durability factor and extended battery life, I’ll gladly take the extra weight.

    Yes, the Coyote Light is pricey. But from the moment you open the box you will know why that is. SUPER solid product that WORKS. Very rarely do I actually see a product that is nearly perfect, this is one of those products. To me, there is no substitution. Coyote Light all the way.

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