Now is the time to hunt them down. Do not make the mistake of waiting for cooler weather to hunt hogs. Right now, the sows are nursing the spring litters. It is true that hogs breed like dogs; there is no breeding season for feral hogs, but spring and fall are the most predominant time. Do not let turkey season distract you from taking these unregulated quadrupeds. Imagine that a sow can give birth to up to 14 babies, 4-6 will make it to 6 months, when they will be ready to breed. Now these 4-6 will have a litter of anywhere from 4-6 that will make it. Wow! Your deer lease will be over run in no time. Get out there and start trapping now. If you need any help or education email us or reas through From trap building to management. We will show you how to: harvest your own boar urine to cover your traps, make the perfect sourmash, and how to use, and set your traps for success. We are Louisiana based. Get out there and kill some hogs. A crawfish boil is better with a half hog on the grill! Contact us.