Bear Urine is an extremely effective tool when baiting, stalking, and calling bears. Bears are very scent cautious and are always curious of other bears in their areas.

The actual rut phase of a black bear takes place in the spring normally around mid-may to mid june. This can vary slightly depending on area.

Black bears were tested in a study during the rut phases. Over 300 more scent producing compounds and molecules were found in the anal glands of sows during the breeding phase than during normal season. This PROVES that not only the bear urine and sexual glands but the anal gland is the TOP advertising gland for in heat sows.

BoarMasters has now added bear sex and anal glands to their bear urines. As far as our research shows this may be a first in the bear urine market. Bear glands are very expensive and availability is low. BoarMasters has captured a source and still can offer it at a price lower than most commom bear urines.

With over 50 products in the hunting industry BoarMasters is one of the leading scent, lure, urine and attractant companies in the industry. They offer products for hogs, bear, elk, deer and more.
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