Bear-ly Legal Mix Bear Bait Flavors

Bear-ly Legal Mix Bear Bait Flavors

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Bear-ly Legal Bear Bait feed additive is the most innovative product ever developed for Bear! This is truly an outstanding powerful Attractant.  

This product is used to SUPER CHARGE anything you put it in or on with extreme sweetness!  Very addictive to the bears.  Use in oils, burns, molasses, baits, feeds, or your own bait recipes.   More info in the description below 

Ratio for sizing below more mixing with bait.  If using in oils or burns just add a scoop full is plenty.  

5oz- Flavors 250 lbs 

1 lb – Flavors 800 lbs

5 lb- Flavors -4000 lbs (popular with our extreme baiters and outfitters that use this product in their baits,fryer oils, on the ground, stumps, mix in with the vegetation, dirt, and even use in empty ketchup bottles as a giant puffer to puff in the wind for scent travel.  




Our Best Seller!  A true feed additive!

Bear-ly Legal Bear Bait is the most innovative product ever developed for Bear! This is truly an outstanding powerful Attractant.  A Super sweet (100xs sweeter than sugar) combination of concentrated flavors with a powerful smell. This ultra fine feed additive was developed to attract and hold bears from long distances, The super sweet taste will sweeten anything you put it on. Bears get addicted to it and keep coming back for more. You will see more bears in the daylight than you ever have! It does not contain salt or roughage. Just the pure feeding frenzy products with no fillers. Bear guides feel free to contact me for larger packages and price quotes. Available in 5lb, 1lb and 5oz packages. 5oz will flavor 250 lbs of bait or a full 55 gallon drum. 1lb will flavor 800+ lbs.  5 lbs was designed for our active bear baiters and outfitters but have became popular more each year with the every day bear baiter.   So many uses demand for more product.  Not only can you mix it with your feed but you can mix it with anything you want to supercharge with sweetness!  Fryer oils, syrups, mix a little in your burns, pour on the ground on stumps logs and vegetation and in front of barrel so bears track it around.  Lot of uses.  Be creative!

-HIGHLY CONCENTRATED! (1OZ FLAVORS 50 LBS of bait)   If mixing in oils and liquids use 1-2 tablespoons per 5 gallon bucket



-FLAVORS CHEAP BAITS. Bait is hard to find. Especially a super sweet bait that really drive bears crazy! Now you have a product that will turn any bait into an amazing pile of extremely addictive food for the bears

Uses: Dogfood, Popcorn, Bread, Stand alone attractant, oats, grains, meats, basically ANYTHING you want to add this to the bears will love you for it!

Also works great to flavor fryer grease, syrups, use in your bear sucker recipes or even a dash in your honey burns.  Anything you want to SUPERCHARGE with flavor!

Choose from 4 mouth watering flavors below. (drop down menu)

Apple Addiction- Ripe sweet smelling apple flavor that will lure the curiousity of any bear

Rebel Raz-berry-Send your head spinning when you smell this powerful punch of Raz!

Triple Threat- This is off our Bear-ly Legal original formula and is extremely sweet with a touch of 5 blended flavors.

Anise Action- This is a strong Anise or black licorice formula.   Anise is a well known and  leading bear attractant.

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5 oz, 1 lb, 5lb


Triple Threat, Rebel Raz-Berry, Apple Addiction, Anise Action

5 reviews for Bear-ly Legal Mix Bear Bait Flavors

  1. joel ursenbach

    this stuff is simply amazing! Put it over anything you’re baiting with only takes a little bit and the bears will be addicted. I won’t set a site without it.

  2. Joe Kondelis

    Absolutely one of the most essential tools in our baiting arsenal. Rebel razz and triple threat are the best additives to a bulk bait you will find. Bears will be addicted instantly.

  3. Sara Lamson (verified owner)

    This is a must have if you are bear baiting. Easy to add to your bait and the bears love it! A little goes a long way! Best out there!

  4. Jaime Edwards (verified owner)

    I’m a firm believer in these products. Especially the triple threat powder.

  5. jerry fattig (verified owner)

    This stuff pulls in the bears when nothing else will!!!

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