The BoarMasters Sow in heat hog urine is one of a kind, some of the freshest, purest complete sow urine available. Boarmasters unique capturing process which includes micro filtering keeps the hog urine fresh and packed full of “in heat” scent molecules. The “in heat” scent molecules drives those boars crazy! Attracts and holds them in your hunting areas. No different than using whitetail urine. It simply works! The brain of an animal is wired to find food, provide protection from hazards and find breeding females. Most of our government trappers use it around their traps, great for use around stands and feeders also works great for drags and wallows. Visit us at to learn more about hog urine and how sow in heat urine can give you an added edge in the field.

Note: No additives, preservatives, antifreeze or dilution in the Boarmasters hog urine. We provide a product that is made to use and made to work! Wont last years on a shelf like the box store brands. Expires after 3 months.