Boarmasters is one of the leaders in the bear scent, lure and attractant industry and has just released several new products that will save bear hunters tons of money without compromising quality! The bear lure packs an EXTREME punch! Almost an unbelievable smell that will take your breath away. The Concentrated Caramel Conviction is by far the strongest butterscotch smell I have ever smelled! Among many other flavors. Mix 1-2 oz with 5 gallons used fryer grease or liquid of some kind. We used fryer grease and it worked well! Check it out!

Packed into a small 4oz bottle but will flavor 10-20 gallons of oil! Don’t pay tons of freight shipping heavy spray oils. Mix your own! Use in oil or liquid products to make your own sprays or syrups or use as a stand alone lure. A few drops is all it takes.

Boarmasters Concentrated Conviction Bear Lure