Beaver Castor is a very powerful scent from beavers that bears crave! The beaver castor sacs are located in the cavities between the pelvis and the base of the tail. Castor is popular among the perfume, medicine, and believe it or not the food industry. There are also several grades of castor. At BoarMasters we always start with top quality product so we can finish with a top quality product. Our Conviction series of our bear lures and concentrates are among the purest scents available on the market today.

Our new Castor Conviction is one of our most popular bear lures we have ever developed. Its powerful, and extremely enticing to bears. We use a #1 grade castor and guarantee you will get 3 times more coverage out of our beaver lures than the other brands.

A few sprays around your bait site or apply to scent wiks or rags around your hunting areas for a strong cover scent and attractant.