How To Properly capture urine from a wild boar:

urine_removal_qnkz1.Detach the penis from the abdomin

2.While pinching the end of the penis seperate the connective tissue between the penis and abdomin

3.Move the penis out of the way by hanging it over the testes

4.Carefully gut the boar from the groin to the sternum

5.Locate the bladder “look at picture 4” and pull it out of the cavity

6.Twist the bladder several times and clamp or tie it off to retain the urine.

7.Cut the bladder free just above your clamp or string

8. Set aside and continue cleaning your boar.

Don’t worry about using preservatives to keep your sow in heat, dominant wild boar, or just plain old boar or sow urine attractant good. You can put it in a food saver bag and freeze it it until you need it. Just do your best to recognize the signs of a sow in heat before you label it as such. Either way, the more you collect your urine and the more you do research on wild boar, feral hogs and sow in heat, the more you will learn and the better you will get at hunting them and collecting their urine. It just takes practice and recognition; once again, keep hunting, and researching wild boar and feral hogs and you will become a master!